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4 Reasons Digital Signage Can Help Small Businesses

Posted by Jordan Powell on Jan 18, 2018 6:35:40 AM
Jordan Powell
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4 Reasons Digital Signage Can Help Small Businesses

Digital signage is all the crave. But WHY is it really important? Is it REALLY necessary for a small business that is try to keep their costs down? The answer to those questions depends upon your company and market. Here are 4 reasons why digital signage can help small businesses.

#1.) It looks REALLY COOL!

Their is no doubt about it. Digital Signage looks cool. Though your small business isn't trying to become prom king or queen, you are trying to grab the attention of your consumers. This is the probably the first and foremost benefit to digital signage. It will be one of the first things that your customers will notice when walking in to your store, or place of business. As a small business (or any business for that matter), first impressions are everything. So why not make that impression WOW!

#2.) It helps engage your customers

The second advantage to digital signage is it's ability to engage it's readers. Unlike traditional signage, digital can invoke 2 way communication from your consumers. Adding your social feeds to your digital signage is an excellent way to achieve this. Let's take a restaurant as an example: Think of the benefits if a new couple walked in to your restaurant and saw dozens of Instagram photos of your delicious and beautiful dishes and smiling faces eating those dishes. That not only sets a really great first impression, it also helps engage those same customers to want to do the same. This might be seen by the next couple that walks in the door as well as their Instagram followers as well. It can create a very powerful snowball effect of free marketing!

#3.) It can help you save money

As a small business, cutting costs is vital to the success of the business. If you are in a business where you are constantly spending money on temporary signage, than digital signage is an easy candidate to cutting those costs. This can reduce the costs of printing and making new signage as well as any labour it takes to make, order, hang and assemble that signage. Many restaurants and grocery stores as an example have gone to this model. Also see step #2 as it can also empower FREE marketing, which is the best kind!

#4.) It is smart

This might seam implied but it can really become a tool that can be leveraged to greatly increase your customers experience consuming your product or service. Digital signage can automatically display information related to your product that is relevant to the consumer. Things like directions, inventory changes, sales and more. This ultimately can help save your customer time waiting for your product or service and making that experience the best possible. These may seam subtle, but are the tiny difference that most small business hold dearly as values that differentiate themselves from their competitors.

These 4 reasons certainly are not an exhaustive list but are some of the biggest reasons digital signage can help small businesses. Ready to make the jump to digital in 2018? Ask Sign Solutions...We'd be happy to help!

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