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ADA Sign Rules You MUST Follow

Posted by Jordan Powell on Nov 16, 2017 1:15:51 PM
Jordan Powell
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ADA Signage regulations can be an extremely complicated to understand and follow. But all public buildings are required to meet the guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is just one more thing for business owners who are burning their candle on both ends to worry about. So here are a few guidelines to help you understand and follow all those ADA sign rules.

Label Your Rooms:

The First Step is to locate your building blueprints. If you can't locate your blueprint, you can also walk around your building and make a list of all your rooms on piece of paper.

The Second step is to categorize each room by either permanent or temporary.

  • Permanent rooms are rooms such as kitchens, utility rooms, restrooms or other rooms which contain permanent fixtures that can't be easily moved. These type of rooms need to be labeled using appropriate room names such as "restroom" or "kitchen."
  • Temporary rooms are ones that can change function more easily can be labels using alphanumeric ADA signs. An example of this would be classrooms or cubicles.

The Third Step is to identify the need for all Life Safety Signs. Life Safety Signs include the following:

  • Elevator restrictions during emergency
  • Floor designations
  • Stair designations
  • Exit signs

The Final Step is to identity which signs are required to be ADA compliant. This can vary from letter size to raised braille letters and readability. For more information on ADA Sign compliance visit their site at


Still Confused?

That's OK! We're happy to help answer any questions you might have. Click Below for some assistance with ADA signage.

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