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How To Determine Car Wraps Pricing

Posted by Jordan Powell on Jun 13, 2017 2:27:18 PM
Jordan Powell
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Truck wraps and vehicle graphics are becoming one of the most effective ways to market your business or organization. It provides a simple solution that simply cuts through the noise that many other forms of marketing just simple can't provide. It provides you with a mouthpiece that is effective and always moving.

How Much Does A Vehicle Wrap Cost?

Car wraps pricing can vary quite a bit depending upon the following items:

  • Vehicle Size - A mini cooper will be cheaper than a semi. The bigger the vehicle the more material it will take and generally the more difficult the install.
  • Turnaround Time - How quickly do you need it done? Needing it done by tomorrow will cost you more than needing it done by the end of next month.
  • Full/Partial Wrap/Graphics - Do you want a full wrap, partial wrap or just some vehicle graphics or lettering
  • Complexity of Install - A box truck though bigger is usually an easier install than a Corvette or vehicle with a lot of curves and sharp edges.

For the sake of the argument let's say your budget for your vehicle graphics are $2,500. The average life span for a vehicle wrap is between 5-7 years. (Here is a great article of making your wrap last longer.) Again for the sake of argument I will use the worst case scenario that the wrap will last just 5 years.

The following is your actual marketing costs for a vehicle wrap that costs $2,500 that will last 5 years:

  • Yearly Cost: $500
  • Monthly Cost: $41.67
  • Weekly Cost: $9.62
  • Daily Cost: $1.37

Not bad! You must admit that just about any marketing you do will cost you more than $1.37 a day. You can't even buy a cup of coffee for that!

Car Wraps Pricing

Now let's take those numbers and go one step further. We've established that wrapping your vehicle is actually very cheap to do but how many people will that expose you to? Of course that is a number that can vary drastically, a vehicle wrap can bring you exposure to thousands each and every day. A study by Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that the average vehicle can gain around 30,000 - 70,000 views per day. For the sake of continuing the argument let's use the conservative number of 30,000 impressions per day.

That means that the (CPM) cost per thousand impressions would be just $0.045. So for every nickle if your pocket you could reach one thousand people. We dare you to try to share those numbers with your marketing team!


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