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Choosing The Perfect Sign Solutions: Vehicle Wraps/Vehicle Graphics

Posted by Jordan Powell on Dec 13, 2016, 9:40:00 AM
Jordan Powell
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Their are many things to consider when looking for the perfect solution to your signage needs. Therefore we look to answer this questions through a new series of blog posts: "Choosing The Perfect Sign Solutions" These are 4 things to consider when choosing the perfect sign solutions for your vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics.


Goals: Establishing goals is the first step in choosing the perfect sign solutions. Without clear and appropriate goals their is no way to determine what success looks like. For example: If your goal is just to get a a truck wrap, then your goals for marketing your business or organization in this way, is too unclear. A more appropriate goal would be: Have a truck wrap that will increase your sales 10% or Have a truck wrap that will bring in 5 new customers this month. With clear and articulate goals, it will help identify what is the perfect sign solutions.

Budget: A clearly defined budget is also a very import step in finding the best solution. Though this step is very important it isn't the only key to success. Let's use the example of two companies, Company A and Company B who both have the same goal of adding 2 new customers each week.

Company A has a small budget of $500 for vehicle graphics on a new company truck. With a budget of just $500 it will definitely rule out a full graphic and most likely a partial wrap of their truck. Company A through vehicle graphics, decals and vehicle lettering was able to meet their goal of adding 2 new customers a week.

Company B has a much larger budget of $2,000 for vehicle graphics on their new company truck. With the larger budget, Company B is able to do a full blown truck wrap. Company B loves the way their new truck wrap looks but is disappointed that it has brought just 1 new customer every week.

Message: In the example from above. Company A was not only able to compete with company B but double their sales on just a quarter of the budget. Communicating the appropriate message is essential when getting new vehicle graphics. That message is communicated in 3 ways.

  • Text: The actual text copy that you put on your vehicle will help communicate your message. Slogans and important keywords regarding your business work perfectly. However, too much text can ruin the whole thing. Try to follow the rule that Less is More.
  • Colors: The colors you use on your vehicle wrap will help communicate various messages about your brand and company. If your wrap is solid pink, you will automatically communicate the message that your business primarily targets women. If your wrap is done in all camo you communicate that your business primarily targets outdoors men and women. This is done without the use of any text at all. Be sure to use colors that reflect both your branding and your ideal persona.
  • Pictures: Pictures are another great way to communicate your organizations message. A picture of an elderly couple might communicate that you are marketing primarily to elderly couples. Like the previous 2 points, pictures should also be done in a tasteful manor and appropriate to your target market.

Material: Material is everything when it comes to vehicle marketing solutions. Without the right material your wrap will not have the longevity you deserve or paid for. These are a few questions you can ask your location sign company.

  • What Brand of Material?
  • What is the Quality of Material?
  • Is their Window Perforation?
  • Is The Vinyl Laminated?
  • How long is the ink guaranteed for?

Ultimately, perfect sign solutions will very vary from one situation to the next based upon your goals, market and budget. We hope these 4 steps will help you determine the perfect vehicle wrap/vehicle graphic solution. For a free quote on your next vehicle wrap, click here.

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